this song makes me wanna jiggle around in my underwear!

1 week to finals then it's off to taiwan + hk.. =)
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vh II

And it may take some time to
Patch me up inside
But I can't take it so I
Run away and hide
And I may find in time that
You were always right
You're always right

you always are you know =(
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slinky beats

this song reeeaaally calls out to me =). sexay.

It's hard to remember days
Mornings lost in a chronic haze.
Breath is fast and the trains are slow, I barely feel it though
All day long I fantasize, in the dark behind other people's eyes.
And then they disappear, words get lost in the atmosphere.

The truth I tell, I tell the truth, 16 on a summer roof,
You ask for facts? Well I'll give you proof
Hot sun on skin..like crimson dress too thin.
A winter without words, I touched it , it felt good.

All I want, Is my radio,
All I want, Is my radio,

He speaks in a voice I know,
a sound like sand when the tide is low
we kissed to that voice each night,
bathed in bare reactor light.

I cry when the morning comes,
Count my blessings and my thumbs
say 'Thanks God, for whatever comes.'
and quickly cross my fingers
all i want is a room somewhere, far away from the chemo air
But when i got my radio, where my own melody that lingers.

All I want is my radio,
Station Ninety-nine point O
Tell the DJ, DJ - keep it slow
like to fade volume low.

It's hard to remember days, mornings lost in a chronic haze,
Breath is fast and the trains are slow, barely even feel it though
all day long I fantasize, in the dark behind other people's eyes
then they slowly disappear, words get lost in the atmosphere.

The truth i'll tell ill tell the truth
16 on a summer roof, you ask for the facts, well i'll give you truth
here's the truth

All I want is my radio,
Tell me DJ, DJ keep it slow
All i want is my radio,
like to fade volume low
All I want is my radio

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Today, i woke up to a morning not so unlike the previous ones. The faint perfume released from the grass crushed underfoot in the streams of human traffic scurrying about campus wafted in as the world jiggled into clarity when reluctant eyelids struggled back to reveal a room half lit- the result of a futile attempt by the cheap window blinds to dam the relentless flood of light from the sun. There was a difference to the feel of this morning but it was so slight as to be rendered almost imperceptible - kinda like when you've had a series of uncomfortable dream-filled nights and then one morning you wake up from unhindered sleep to a difference defined by the LACK of something rather than by the pressence of something new. I slid into my chair, opened up my sexy macbook as safari swung open a window through which the vastness of the world beyond trickled through in a stream of images, hypertext and verbs. from that chaos, on a random blog I stumbled upon a little anecdote about accepting loss so heartfelt and so triumphant in its almost childlike simplicity that it made me smile.

Much of our experience is defined by paradox. The important and meaningful ones are anyway. people revel in complexity - the obvious, simple and trivial are often hardly worth mulling over. Here's one: sometimes you have to relinquish control of a situation in order to regain some semblance of order. I've been trying so hard to make things right, preoccupied with how things were spiralling out of order that I was blind to the fact that deep inside I was really hoping for an impossible return to a time now past. It's akin to grasping a wee shrub rooted in loose slick bank mud, as the rest of your body is submerged under the screaming, implacable waters of a raging river that you've fallen into. Your first instinct is to pull yourself up, albeit knowing that in all probability, doing so would sever your tenuous link to soild land, releasing you into watery oblivion. yet I yanked; and oh, oh, did it give.

In retrospect, hanging on and waiting for the eddies and currents to dissipate was a comparatively more prudent measure, but rationality is never in order when emotions are so inflamed. Yes, time smooths out the kinks - the difference between knowing that and accepting it is one of an order of magnitude. that and the simple faith that given what i know about me and you and how we both are, that when the waters clear, two people will find a way to be friends again. I miss the bobas, the ancient fob music and just being able to laugh, share, scheme and ruminate with somebody that just got it all, but for now, realizing the need for letting go and having a little hope for the future goes a long way towards being happy.
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tug tug tug. how does a tune exert a veritable pull on your senses, and indeed your entire being? perhaps nestled within the poetry and metaphors is a kind of poignancy, with which the unspoken finds resonance, and through rapturous consonance, stumbles upon liberation.

空无一人 这片沙滩
风吹过来 冷冷海岸
我轻轻抖落鞋里的沙 看着我的脚印 oh
一个人一步步 好寂寞
看海有些绿 天有些蓝
到最深的地方 才发现你早已经 放弃我
我听着海浪 温柔的呼吸
看着云朵 飘來飘去
有什么方法 让自己真的忘記

only blue only blue
爱让人好忧郁 我的心 我的心 蓝蓝地
我真的好想找一条船 能远远离开这片沙滩
每次又回到同样海边 还是会对你想念
想念你有点blue 沒有人能像你
留给我的回忆 有点 blue ooh
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In Sydney

Why is the World Cup commentary in Australia in friggin GERMAN??!! Ficken Sie!!
Japan plays Aussie tomorrow... I wonder if I'll get mauled if I walk around Sydney in my Nakata jersey. Probably.
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"What do you see, what do you see," the-boy-who-kept-his-eyes-shut was asked.
But he had no answer for he chose to remain blind to all around him.
"ah but do you feel?" another ventured. His eyes popped open in surprise and that instant was as an eternity as sudden vision was accompanied by an implacable barrage of unwanted epiphanies.

"it is most... exquisite"
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