schmucking through the hogwash

7 October 1980
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- minnesota-born, but grew up in singapore, london, down under & brunei. visited france, denmark, sweden, taiwan, beijing, tokyo, indonesia, malaysia, hong kong, canada, sri lanka. just returned from 3 smashing weeks in peru this past july. only 2 more continents to conquer!

- 1-2-step. oh yeah hit the dance floor baby.

- like my poison on the rocks: goose - grey; tonic - sapphire tinged; cream - irish; and shade of orange - marnier. Corona's and hoegaarden's for my bubbles.

- liverpool fc. you'll never walk alone. i miss my footie. and becks. and asia where you don't have to fork out 25 bucks to watch manchester u and chelsea scuffle on pay-per-view while enduring the *terrible* commentary and references to that lousy imitation of rugby called american football.

- i read riemann and von neumann for kicks, calculate the 15% tip when the meal check arrives and am secretly miffed when somebody else at the table beats me to it.

- ooo live music. turntablism and jangly guitar riffs make me hot and heavy ;)

- wannabe enginerd in grad school. but in my ideal world, i'd rather be puzzling out how to combine wonton skins and foie gras and bamboozling people into thinking it's haute cuisine.

wanna know more? just ask =)